Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction
This page details our rights and your rights when using our website, signing up for our newsletter, or signing up for an online retreat or course.

2. Definitions
Natural Wisdom Co is a trading name of Ayni Ltd, a private company registered in the UK, directed by Davina MacKail and Nizami Elé (Nizami Cummins).

This website, all course and community content hosted on our learning platform, are the property and copyright of Natural Wisdom Co.

NWIV: Journey to Genius is the 4th evolution of our acclaimed residential programme, Natural Wisdom Leaders.

Mesa of Alchemy is the online component of NWIV.

Mesa of Mastery is the real world component of NWIV.

Threads of the Weave is our private online community.

NWIV: Journey to Genius, Mesa of Alchemy, Mesa of Mastery and Threads of the Weave are trademarks of Natural Wisdom Co.

Facilitators are currently Davina and Nizami.

3. Signing up for our newsletter
When you sign up for our newsletter, we collect your name and email address. See our privacy policy for details of how we handle your data.

The same applies when you use the Alternative Dates form on the Mesa of Alchemy web page.

4. Signing up for Mesa of Alchemy
When you sign up for the Mesa of Alchemy online course, you agree to the terms below. These do not apply to the free preview.

4.1. Payment and fees
Full enrolment on the Mesa of Alchemy online course is currently priced at £444.
A payment plan of 4 monthly payments of £115 (total £460) is also available.

4.2. Payment gateway
Enrolment and payments are handled by our learning platform thinkific.com

4.3. Course access
If you choose the Free Preview option, you will gain access to the Free Preview part of the course for 3 months.

When you enrol in full and complete payment of the course fee, you will gain lifetime access to the whole course, and the Threads of the Weave private online community.

4.3.1 Free Preview Expiry
If you enrol for the Free Preview, you have 3 months to enrol for the full course. After that time, we will delete your account from our learning platform.

4.3.2 Course Capacity
Each Mesa of Alchemy online retreat is limited to 22 participants.
Places are sold on a first come first served basis.

4.3.3 Enrolling on a full course
Due to technical limitations of the learning platform, Thinkific, we are unable to cap course enrolments at the maximum number of 22.

We may therefore need to enrol you on an alternative instance of the course, with live sessions on different dates. We will advise you by writing to the email address you provided us with during enrolment.  

If you are unable to attend the proposed dates, you will be offered a full refund of any monies you have paid towards the original, over-capacity course.      

4.4. Cancellation

4.4.1. If you sign up for the Mesa of Alchemy online course, and later change your mind, you are entitled to a 50% refund of the course fee if you let us know by email up to 14 days before the published start date of the course.

4.4.2. No refunds will be granted within 14 days of the published start date of the course.

4.4.3. We reserve the right to remove any participant from the Mesa of Alchemy online course and Threads of the Weave community if they breach our Code of Conduct (see below) after three written warnings by email to the address you gave us on enrolment. No refunds will be issued in cases where participants are removed following a breach of the Code of Conduct.

4.5. Termination
You may withdraw from the Mesa of Alchemy course and Threads of the Weave online community at any time. Refunds will only be issued in accord with our cancellation policy above.

If special circumstances apply, please contact us by email.

4.5.1 Termination of Payment Plans
You may withdraw from the Mesa of Alchemy course and Threads of the Weave online community at any time.

If you enrolled via a payment plan option, you may cancel your subscription by following the instructions here.

5. Content and copyright
All website and course content, unless explicitly labelled otherwise (e.g. in the case of Gene Keys terminology) is the sole property and copyright of Natural Wisdom Co.

You may not reproduce, share or distribute website or course contents without our express and prior permission, and doing so constitutes a breach of our Code of Conduct.

6. Changes to our Terms and Conditions
This version of our terms and conditions is dated 13 December 2023.
Changes to our terms and conditions will be notified by email to active newsletter subscribers, and by notification in the Threads of the Weave online community. We are unable to notify non-subscribers to newsletter or community.

7. Our Code of Conduct
When you enrol for any of our courses, workshops, online or offline retreats, you agree to the following code of conduct.

Breaches will be handled as sensitively and kindly as possible. We will contact participants privately by email. If, after two written warnings, we deem a third breach of conduct to have been made, we reserve the right to remove the participant from course, workshop, online or offline retreat and any associated online communities.

7.1 Communications
7.1.1 You agree to treat facilitators and other participants with dignity and respect at all times during live sessions and in our online private community.

7.1.2 We strive to observe a code of conscious, non-violent communication at all times, and will provide guidance where necessary. We acknowledge that non-violent communication is not easy, and takes practice. It is not our intention to create an authoritative or dogmatic context, but to guide participants and groups in co-creating a mutually supportive, safe, fun and authentic space.  

7.1.3 Shadow work is a core component of our shamanic and transformational work. This calls for conscious, non-violent communication.

7.1.4 Due to the nature of this work, from time to time, the course material or discussion dynamic may trigger you. You agree to maintain respect and dignity in your communications to facilitators or other participants, keep as much as possible to 'I' statements, avoid accusations, own your feelings and processes, and look into the personal wounds and unmet needs behind your being triggered. Basically, the idea is that it's not someone else who triggers you, but your wounds and unmet needs. Again—this takes practice! 

7.1.5 You agree to do your best to have the courage to be open, authentic and vulnerable when sharing during live sessions or face to face discussions.

7.1.6 Should problems arise between participants during a live session or in the online community, the facilitators will contact the participants privately. As a guideline, depending on the nature of the problem, one or more of the following actions may be taken by facilitators: 

— Addressing the issue directly, in the moment
— Addressing the issue in the online community
— Bringing the issue to the attention of the group
— We may arrange private session(s) for participants.

7.2 Online Community
You agree to the same ethos outlined above when communicating with facilitators and other members of our online private community.

You agree not to post any content that contains nudity or violence.

You agree not to post any political content.

7.3 Confidentiality
You agree to keep any personal information shared by facilitators or other participants confidential.

7.2 Copyright
You will not reproduce, share or distribute website or course contents without our express and prior permission.

7.3 Technical requirements
We will do our best to help but it is your responsibility to ensure you meet the technical requirements to be able to access online course materials, live sessions or community spaces. For live sessions, please allow time before the session begins to resolve any technical issues.

7.4 Live sessions
You agree to join live sessions on time, from a space where you and other participants will not be disturbed by background noise or unnecessary interruptions.

If background noise or other interruption from your end adversely affects a live session, we may mute your microphone or camera.

7.5 Missing a live session
You agree to let the facilitators know as soon as possible, if you are unable to attend a live session. This allows us to reconfigure breakout rooms and other group exercises. Recordings of live sessions will be made available via the online course community.

If you miss two live sessions consecutively without letting us know, we will assume you have withdrawn from the course.

If you have to miss a live session, it is your responsibility to 'catch up' by watching the session recording, and perhaps asking questions in the online community.  

8 Personal consultation
The Mesa of Alchemy includes a one hour personal consultation with one of the facilitators. Consultations will be offered to the group on a first come first served basis via an online booking system.

Personal consultation sessions will happen during stages 3 (Water) and 4 (Earth).  

If, having booked your slot, you miss your consultation, the facilitators are under no obligation to provide another slot, but will do their best to accommodate you at their discretion.  

8. Our Pledge

We will do our utmost to be of greatest service to participants, and to the group, and to individual and collective transformation.

While sessions may necessarily involve challenging discussions, we will always abide by and uphold the communications, confidentiality and community parts of the Code of Conduct above.

9. Disclaimer

The Mesa of Alchemy online retreat is a personal journey of self-exploration. It is designed for educational and informational purposes only.

The content provided, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, videos, and other material, is not intended as a substitute for professional psychological or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

The content is general in nature and may not be suitable for every individual. It does not take into account specific medical conditions, individual health histories, or unique needs.

The Mesa of Alchemy is not designed to provide personalised psychological or medical advice or recommendations.

Participants are encouraged to assess their physical and mental well-being before implementing any recommendations. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional if there are concerns about the appropriateness or safety of any self-help techniques.

You accept that you are fully responsible for your own well-being, choices and actions you may take.

By enrolling in and participating in this online retreat, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions, including this disclaimer.

11. Complaints
We will always endeavour to resolve issues directly, sensitively, and at or as close to the time of occurrence as possible.

Facilitators will endeavour to respond to private messages via the community, email or WhatsApp within 48 hours.

If you still feel something is wrong, or you would like to let us know about something later on, you may reach us by email.

12. Last updated

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on December 13th 2023.