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Creating Transformation

We offer online and real world consultations, courses, workshops and retreats that support human evolution in sacred relationship with Nature.

We envision a world where success is measured by the health of the planet, and the flourishing of communities that support the evolution of a new collective consciousness.

Our mission is to foster that consciousness through learning experiences that call on the wisdom of Nature.

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We are called upon to remember our true purpose as instruments of evolution.

A New Direction

The old stories of who we are and why we are here are coming to an end. We are undergoing an initiation. Some call it a genetic mutation.

As the outcomes of the old scripts pile up around us, we are called to remember our true purpose as instruments of evolution, in tune with each other and our planet.

The Natural Wisdom Co has walked that path since 2015. Our work is to know the middle and the edge. We call on myth and magic to help others find the joy and creativity of living their purpose.

What are you here to do? 
Our flagship programme

Unlock your natural wisdom

What if deep connection to the forces of nature could transform your life?

What if you could forge deep and lasting connections with others? What would you build together?

What if you could break old patterns and start living your dreams? 

What if you could unlock the genius of your natural wisdom and light up your world with your gifts? 

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Going in circles

We are designed to live and thrive in community with others. But what does this mean and why is it so difficult? What do we want from a community? What does community want from us? 

We believe in building community through shared experiences where we can   hold and be held by others. When we share deeply, we learn to trust life again.

Community is a big part of our vision. We see diverse ways of living, working, healing and creating, linked by a shared purpose to support the global shift in consciousness.

Community ceremony at Sipapu, Tambopata, Peru.
Niz and Davina

Helical thinking

About that mutation.

It's a strange word to apply to human beings. We tend to think of mutants, warped by nuclear fallout, or cyborgs with metal limbs—and indeed those are potential futures.

Take a modern city like London, New York, Shanghai or Kuala Lumpur, with its steel towers, and it's tempting to think those science fiction futures are fact.

Take social media and the attention economy, now powered by artificial intelligence, and we may wonder where  we humans are in that future.

Technology is a catalyst. As we turn it increasingly on ourselves, we must make a choice. Are we our data, a resource to be mined? Or are we something deeper, something integral to the cosmos? 

Much has been written about these times, from the archaic revival inspired by indigenous peoples, to modern retellings of myth and prophecy, of a fall from grace that foreshadows a rise to redemption.

We live in a time of divergence—of left from right, east from west, us from them. Yet polarisation reveals  convergence. Left and right, east and west, self and other are two sides of the same coin. As the ancient Maya used to say, I am another you.

In the end we must reckon with ourselves, with those polarities that seek harmony. As we balance our inner equations, we find a double helix connecting left and right, up and down, spirit and matter.

We become instruments of evolution, tuned to the unfathomable power of the heart. That's our kind of mutation.

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We must rediscover the religion of the Earth.
Barbara Mor, The Great Cosmic Mother

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We're going places! From the back garden to the ends of the Earth, we love connecting with kindred spirits.

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