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Creating Transformation

We offer courses, workshops and retreats to help people live the life they are designed for.

We envision a world where success is measured by the health of the planet and its communities.

Our work is founded on relationship with Nature and the transformative power of the human heart.  

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Get to grips with the Four Elements of being with our online course. Guided meditations, somatic workouts and shamanic missions for clarity, energy, flow and authenticity.    

Journey to the four corners of your universe.
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Our online initiation is not for everyone. To descend into the labyrinth and return with the elixir of authentic freedom takes courage and commitment.
Are you ready? 

Find your place in the world.
Niz and Davina

Unlock your natural wisdom

Much has been written about these times, from the archaic revival inspired by indigenous peoples, to modern retellings of myth and prophecy.

It's a time of divergence—of left from right, us from them. Yet this polarisation reveals divides as two sides of the same coin. 

When we balance inner equations, we integrate left and right, us and them. We find harmony and flow.

We become instruments of evolution, tuned to the unfathomable power of the heart. Work with us and unlock your natural wisdom.

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We're going places! From the back garden to the ends of the Earth, we love connecting with kindred spirits.

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