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The Mesa of Alchemy is a four month online retreat for anyone seeking to transform challenges and enter a life of creativity, purpose and community.

Work with the four elements, the shamanic mesa and the Gene Keys to unlock the genius of your natural wisdom and start living with purpose, creativity and connection.

Take your place among 22 travellers and be held in sacred space as you move through 5 stages of alchemical transformation.

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Is this you?

You want to break free from limiting patterns.

You're not sure what your natural strengths are.

You're not sure how to free the natural genius in your genes.

The lack of community leaves you feeling isolated.

You want more balance in life, work and relationships.

You're looking for a spiritual path that leads to integrated personal growth.

You thrive from supportive connections with others.

You're seeking an approach that addresses all aspects of your being.

You're ready to commit 4 months to a sacred journey with likeminded souls. 

The Journey

4 months commitment

5 transformational stages

3 hr live session per stage

1 hr personal consultation

Shamanic journeys and missions

Breathwork and meditations

Unique exercises to practice at home

Private online community

Sacred space all the way

Adventure is what happens when the human spirit breaks free from the mind. Richard Rudd
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What you will discover

Be in your element

Work with air, fire, water and earth to harmonise these powerful shamanic archetypes that shape your inner world.

Build your mesa

The mesa or shamanic altar is an ancient instrument of personal power. Use it to anchor the transformations of the journey.

Unlock your genius

Work with the Gene Keys to bring compassion to your shadows and unlock their gifts.

Circle up

Build supportive relationships in our private online community and be deeply seen and heard throughout the journey and beyond.

The gift of giving

Discover the the gifts built into your DNA, and the joy of manifesting their frequency.

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Be in your element


Associated with intellect, communication, freedom and change, air is a symbol of the mind and its capacity for objective thought. It is also breath, which connects the physical and spiritual realms. Air transmits energy and information across the world. With its higher perspective, it is a powerful ally for transformation.


Fire represents the spark of life, creativity, and the inner light that drives passion and purpose. Fire is active and consuming and can purify and destroy. Invoke the intensity of fire to burn off old patterns and leap into the dance of freedom.


Associated with the moon and the mysteries of life, water represents the feminine principle. It is flexible, receptive and capable of assuming any shape. We call on water's feminine qualities of empathy, intuition and dreaming to transform subconscious patterns.


Earth symbolizes the material world, the body and the foundations of life. It represents stability, reliability and the realm of the senses. Earth is solid and dependable, giving a sense of security. Working with Earth, we build patience, practicality, and the capacity to care for and nurture others.

Your mesa becomes an evolving self-portrait you can use for meditation, contemplation, healing and divination.
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Build your mesa

The mesa is a tool used in many shamanic traditions, particularly in South America, where it is used for conducting rituals, ceremonies, healings, and divinations.

Objects are arranged on a sacred cloth. They typically include stones, crystals, seeds, herbs and ornaments. Each holds a symbolic and energetic connection to an aspect of the natural or spirit world or the shaman's life.  

The arrangement of these objects is significant. As the shaman develops a relationship with their mesa over time, it becomes a source of spiritual guidance, natural wisdom and personal power.

Each month you will use your mesa to explore and transform your relationship to the elements and the Gene Keys. Your mesa becomes a hologram of your inner world that you can use for meditation, contemplation and healing.  

Unlock your natural wisdom

The Mesa of Alchemy synthesises the four elements, the mesa and the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd, an evolutionary transmission for these times of change.

Each Key is a trinity of frequencies: Shadow, Gift and Siddhi (spirit). While Shadow and Siddhi are archetypes, your journey from one to the other is your unique expression of the Gift.

Each month you will work with one of the four keys at the cornerstones of your energetic being. The Mesa of Alchemy maps these keys to your mesa, which becomes an evolving portrait of your inner universe.

As you contemplate each Gene Key, you will see your tendency to get stuck at lower frequencies, and gain insight into how you can attain and sustain the higher frequencies of your gifts.

Why work with the Gene Keys here?

The Mesa of Alchemy includes guidance on the Gene Keys. We recommend you explore the Gene Keys website, the source of this system, which provides many excellent resources, including the Gene Keys book and 64 Ways audio transmissions by Richard Rudd, and the Activation Sequence online course, which forms the basis of the Gene Keys component to the Mesa of Alchemy.

Working with the Gene Keys and integrating their wisdom into your life takes time and patience. While it is a fundamentally personal work, doing it on a retreat with others is an ancient tradition.

The Mesa of Alchemy is an opportunity to work with others, perhaps with the same Gene Keys. Recognising the universal in someone else, we go beyond the personal to the archetypal and transcendent. This the step we must take to access synarchy, the power of collective consciousness.

We see this as crucial to our evolution, if not survival, as a species. As the old story of living as separate individuals breaks down, we can break down with it or come together and create a more beautiful world.


The fifth element in our journey is produced by the transformations of air, fire, water and earth. Bring home the discoveries of the journey and move forwards in life, work, creativity and relationships.

Our final session is an online ceremony to transmute the base matter of our excavations into alchemical gold. Manifesting our gifts, they are returned in untold ways.

Niz and Davina

Your guides

Nizami Elé

Designer of transformations. Highly experienced in Amazonian, Andean, Eastern and Western modalities, Nizami is dedicated to using his skills as ceremonialist, teacher, writer and musician to help people heal, transform and evolve.  

Nizami is especially excited by NWIV's combination of online and real world retreats, which he hopes will make these teachings available to everyone who feels the call to connect with Nature and be guided by her wisdom.

He has shared many adventures with Davina, from the forests of the UK to the jungles of Peru. Born in London, he is currently in Bali, Indonesia. You can find out more about Nizami at his website.

Davina Mackail

Hay House author of Feng Shui Made Easy and The Dream Whisperer, feng shui maestra, shamanic seer and mentor, Davina has inspired miracles of positive transformation in people’s lives for more than 25 years. A popular workshop leader and speaker, she offers her Wisdom that Works consultations to thousands of clients all over the world.

Her love of adventure has seen her leading retreats among the Q'ero communities of the high mountains of Peru for the last 20 years. She recently returned to the UK after two years caretaking 47 hectares of rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon. Davina is based in the UK. Find out more about her at her website.


NWIV is the fourth evolution of our shamanic self-mastery programme, Natural Wisdom Leaders.

For info about NWL and NWIV for graduates please check this page.

We are rediscovering the religion of the Earth.
Barbara Mor, The Great Cosmic Mother
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Face time


Each of the four stages, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, of the Mesa of Alchemy centres on a 3 hour live group session with Davina and Nizami. Each session provides substantial guidance on working with its respective element, the mesa and the Gene Keys.

The fifth and final stage, Alchemy, presents an online ceremony to integrate and celebrate our collective transformation.

personal consultations

Go deeper with the included 1 hour personal consultation with Davina or Nizami. This is a chance to explore personal challenges in a safe space.

Should you need further guidance, extra time can be booked with Davina or Nizami at special rates for course participants.  

To have faith is to trust yourself to the water.
Alan Watts
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