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Natural Wisdom Co has run awesome courses, workshops and retreats since 2015, including Return to the Forest, Wisdom of the Forest, Kambo World, Pilgrimage to Peru and Natural Wisdom Leaders.

Natural Wisdom Co is a trading name of Ayni Ltd, a limited liability company registered in the UK, founded and directed by Davina Mackail and Nizami Elé.

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Davina Mackail

Wisdom walker in dialogue with Nature

Hay House author of Feng Shui Made Easy and The Dream Whisperer, feng shui maestra, shamanic seer and mentor, Davina has inspired miracles of positive transformation in people’s lives for more than 25 years. A popular workshop leader and speaker, she offers her Wisdom that Works consultations to thousands of clients all over the world.

Her love of adventure has seen her leading retreats among the Q'ero communities of the high mountains of Peru for the last 20 years. She recently returned to the UK after two years caretaking 47 hectares of rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon.

A sought-after mentor and guide, Davina is known for her compassionate straight talking and masterful good spirits. A gifted seer, she embodies the wisdom of the mountains in her shamanic practice and teaching.

Find out more about at Davina at her website.

Davina in the Peruvian Amazon
A characteristically happy Davina.
Davina blessing a participant with a despacho offering.
Davina meditating in a cave.

Nizami Elé


Born in Forest Gate, London, selvatic connections were there at the outset. Nizami has travelled extensively in Latin America and Asia, where he has trained in various disciplines, from Andean and Amazonian shamanism to yoga, qi gong, meditation and transformational group work.

A gifted writer, musician, creative and shamanic teacher, he is passionate about helping people gain a deeper understanding of themselves, and making the most of these times of collective transformation.

With degrees in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Psychology, he worked in digital design for many years before the forest called him back to his roots.

A qualified permaculture designer, he once directed a haunted resort in Bali, and an 47 hectare lodge in the Peruvian Amazon. Currently in Bali, where he is mastering the art of staying in flow.

Find out more about Nizami at his website.

Nizami in the Amazon
Nizami in Rote Island, Indonesia
Nizami playing a Balinese flute
Nizami watching the eclipse in Indonesia.
Masks made by Natural Wisdom Leaders participants 2017.


wisdom of the forest

2015 — 2020

A three-day immersion in the solar and lunar wisdom of the forest, guided by powerful grandmother and grandfather teacher energies. Clean diet, yoga, breathwork, qi gong, meditation and guided shamanic walks in the woods of East Sussex. A safe space to gain deep insight into our lives and let go of old thoughts and feelings holding us back. And a living hub of soul community.

Wisdom of the forest graphic
The ceremony room in our old HQ at Brightling Hall, East Sussex, UK
Integration circle round the fire.
Kambo World logo.


2015 — 2020

Weekly Kambo circles in Ashdown Forest. Davina and Nizami are master practitioners. They took the first ever UK kambo training course, with the International Association of Kambo Practitioners in the Brazilian Amazon—a magical and grounding preparation for years of safe and ethical Kambo practice.

On the trail of the frog in the Amazon.
The kambo frog.


2014 — 2023

Two weeks of shamanic teaching, personal healing and guidance, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Andes. A sacred journey to meet the apus, the great mountain spirits, involving lots of adventure, sights, insights, healing, fun and shamanic shopping. With Maestro Puma Quispe and team.

Davina and Nizami in Peru.
Trekking to Apu Salkantay.
At Apu Ausangate on the Pilgrimage to Peru.


2015 — 2020

A thirteen month residential training in self-mastery, combining traditional shamanic teachings and initiations from the Andes and Amazon with yoga, qi gong, meditation, breathwork and transformational group work, in East Sussex, UK. Participants undertook the deep work of meeting shadows, healing trauma and wounding, advancing their spiritual practice, discovering creative talents, and bonding as part of a soul collective.

NWL graduates interested in NWIV should go here.

Natural Wisdom leaders on a forest mission.
An NWL class in action.
Making a despacho.
Deep sharing round the fire.
Sparks fly at a nighttime ceremony.
Shamanic forestry at Brightling Hall.
Sipapu logo


2017 — 2022

Probably our most challenging shamanic mission to date, we raised funds from our community to buy a small ecolodge in 47 hectares of rainforest in Tambopata, Peru. Sipapu immediately became part of the Pilgrimage to Peru, offering an authentic deep immersion in the powerful energies of the primal forest. Everyone who visited Sipapu had a life-changing experience, whether adapting to the jungle environment, with its endless and sometimes steep learning curves, or working with the grandmother energies of the forest in their proper setting.

We held our last retreat at Sipapu February to March 2020. Then the pandemic changed everything, including our plans to stay resident in Peru and take the project step by step towards its full manifestation, a temple to nature run by an off-grid intentional community.

Preparing for ceremony at Sipapu.
The inaugural despacho at Sipapu's ceremonial field.
Peru pilgrims in the jungle at Sipapu.
Peru pilgrims in the jungle at Sipapu.
The Sipapu community in 2018.
Aerial view of Sipapu's ceremonial field.

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