Remember that call? It opened every session of Natural Wisdom Leaders from 2015 to 2019.

We have wonderful memories of our time in East Sussex, particularly at Brightling Hall, which was home to all of us.

Perhaps NWL's most powerful teaching was the power of groups founded on deep sharing.

Much has changed. The post lockdown world is full of uncertainty. Things can change drastically overnight.

We have worked hard to adapt NWL for people who may not be able to travel to a real world meet up every month.

NWIV combines online group sessions and self study as preparation for real world retreats in the UK and abroad.

Like NWL, the focus is on healing through transformation and shamanic initiation, forging conscious relationships that build creative, purposeful community.

We're back.
Are you?

Shamanic work is continually evolving. You can spend a lifetime learning how to work with the mesa or connect to spirit. A walk in nature reveals new facets of ourselves and the world. Stretching to the moon and back, our DNA is a vast field of mystery.

Adapted for our ever-changing, post-lockdown world, NWIV puts the essential teachings of NWL online, via live group sessions and self-study programme, as a powerful preparation for real world retreats.  

While NWL presented a range of shamanic methods, self-enquiry processes, and shamanic initiations, NWIV refines the programme to focus on personal and collective transformation. 

The Mesa of Alchemy, our four-month online retreat, is an opportunity to take your work with the mesa to new levels of authenticity and power. 

The course maps the four elements and the Gene Keys Activation Sequence onto the mesa in four, monthly stages.

Each stage begins with a 3 hour online zoom call, which includes teaching, shamanic journeys and meditations, pair work and group circles in sacred space. 

The fifth and final stage is an online ceremony to alchemise the teachings and self-discoveries of the course into your life. 

You will have lifetime access to the NWIV community. Here you can keep in touch with fellow travellers, and access exclusive meditations, journeys and updates from Davina, Nizami and guest practitioners. 

If you have something to offer in that department, let us know.

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The first Mesa of Mastery real world retreat is planned for 2024.

It's not a requirement but we recommend you take the Mesa of Alchemy course first. It's a deep and active introduction to the core concepts and modalities of NWIV.

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We're going places! From the back garden to the ends of the Earth, we love connecting with kindred spirits.

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